Welcome to the Isle of Man Laser Scan site.

We have one goal, to create LiDar data for the Isle of Man’s Snaefell Mountain Course, and to release that data publicly to encourage its ‘proper’ use.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live and already has its first backers, but of course we need more.  So I ask anyone interested to share links at every possible occasion, on forums, during races, at work and at parties.  This project will not complete itself, it needs you to do it.

If successful the Kickstarter campaign will fund a 3D MLS of the Snaefell Mountain Course, the course used for the Isle of Man TT races.  The team carrying out the scan will be from 3dlasermapping.com, who supplied us with a quote that according to any opinion voiced on the matter, represents excellent value.

When complete this data will be made available to the public.  It will initially be seeded via free or almost free bulk data hosters.  Professional services were quoted for, but the costs seemed to be too much for this project.  Where possible we will also supply complete copies of the data to those that ask for it, provided they cover the costs of storage media & shipping.

If you’ve any questions or comments, leave them below.  Please be aware that pertinent questions may be added, anonymously, to the FAQ section of our Kickstarter page.